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Recorded live with Mr. Andrew Pudewa, this four-DVD writing course for high school students new to IEW lays a solid foundation of writing skills. Over the course of 15–30 weeks, students will learn how to effectively use a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write on a variety of enjoyable fiction and non-fiction topics. Included with the student handouts are complete teacher’s notes, source texts, assignments, and checklists.


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Each level (A, B, or C) presumes no previous experience; levels differ mainly in the type of source texts used, speed of presentation, and sophistication of vocabulary.


  • Structure and Style Overview DVD for parents and teachers
  • Four instructional DVDs for the student
  • Three-ring binder with dividers
  • Student packet containing scope & sequence, teacher’s notes, and student handouts for one student (about 100 pages in all)

Each level (A, B, or C) presumes no previous experience; levels differ mainly in the type of source texts used, speed of presentation, and sophistication of vocabulary. Choose the level based on your child’s age and maturity rather than writing ability, and if you wish to use the SWI with children of mixed ages, you can generally select level B, “shooting for the middle.” Even students with little writing experience can immediately enjoy Andrew’s humor and realize that the process is not so overwhelming as they learn techniques to create a more enjoyable finished composition. Their concept of writing as being “too hard” changes; they now have the tools for success!

With lesson plans and reinforcement exercises built right in, you’ll know exactly which portion of the disc to watch for each lesson and which writing assignments to give your students.


Is it necessary to buy the teacher training course (TWSS), or could I get just the Student Writing Intensive?

The primary goal of Excellence in Writing is teacher training. We offer lessons and DVDs for the student to make the job of the teacher as easy as possible, but it is important for teachers to gain the training necessary to help their children write well.

Writing is an art and requires a give and take between student and teacher. The teacher’s course equips you to provide that for your student. If you only have the student DVDs, your student will learn a good deal, but will only get the answers to whatever questions were asked when the course was originally filmed. If your student has any difficulty, you may find it challenging to provide him the unique help he needs. The teacher’s course provides all the hows and whys behind the program so that you too can become an accomplished writing teacher over time.

One experienced homeschool mother explains, “I homeschool eight children, so I can appreciate how precious time is, but trying to teach writing without taking the time to watch my teacher’s DVDs was like pushing the car down the highway because I didn’t have time to stop for gas. 🙂

“You don’t have to watch the entire teacher’s course in one sitting. Just watch a disc a month or so and you will do just fine. Better—call up a friend to watch them with you (one a week or one a month). The accountability will keep you going and you’ll have some fun too. That is how I got started, and it made for great friend time in addition to my own teacher training.”

As Andrew Pudewa has said, our materials are like ice cream—the more the better! But be sure the first serving is for the teacher.

I have children at several different grade levels. Which SWI level should I buy?

The three levels of the Student Writing Intensives are designed to correspond with these approximate grade levels:

  • A: Grades 3-5
  • B: Grades 6-8
  • C: Grades 9-12

With children in a range of levels, we generally recommend that you “shoot for the middle.” All of our Student Writing Intensives presume no previous experience with our program, so you won’t miss anything by starting with Level B or C. Likewise, the classes are not juvenile in a way that they would bore or offend older students. We often have very mixed classes.

Do be aware that although the content and pacing of Levels A and B are fairly similar, Level C is designed for 8th or 9th grade on up and would likely be too intimidating for younger students. If your age span is quite large, either choose two different Student Intensives, or choose one and plan to teach up or down using what you learn from the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style seminar.

If you plan to use Level B with younger students, you can find some substitute assignments at the A level here.

I have several children. Do I need to buy extra student materials for each one?

You can find the copyright policy for each of our products as a link on the specific product page. For example, to view the copyright for the Student Writing Intensive Level A go to the product page and click on the “Details” tab.

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